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  • Go typically takes just a few days for a C++, Java or Node.js developer to learn, and the code is easy to maintain.
  • Earn a document to prove you’ve completed a course or path that you can share with your network.
  • Echo is another promising framework created by Labstack with 20k stars on GitHub.
  • Echo also supports HTTP/2 for faster performance and an overall better user experience.
  • Such services as Uber need to ensure quick map processing and be able to handle a massive amount of data.

Being simple and really speedy for building web applications by catering to the requirements of backend and frontend app development. So, it is regarded as the top backend framework and effective option for frontend too. Coming across a puzzle or problem requires you to come up with and implement a fast and memory-efficient algorithm to solve it. Go Web Examples provides easy to understand code snippets on how to do web development in the Go programming language.

Reading variables from the environment

You can decide on from diverse libraries to have different features in your project. The hot reloading features of Buffalo framework with dev command automatedly observe .html as well as .go files for rebuilding and reinitiating the binary. Gin Gonic is a leading Google’s Golang web application framework, which is considered as a minimalistic framework.

golang web development

Callers of this function can now check the second parameter; if it isnil then it has successfully loaded a Page. If not, it will be anerror that can be handled by the caller . No matter what direction your solution may take, Golang’s incredible features and unmatched flexibility can be used to achieve your goals. However, migrating your business over to Go can be a considerable amount of work and might not be worth it if you are still validating the concepts of your business. Golang can be an excellent option for businesses with dependable growth and a reliance on quick and efficient server responses. Using Go isn’t something that you’ll want to pick up if your business is still validating its concept.

Package Documentation

As a result, many developers create applications using the Golang programming language. Gin Gonic is the best web frameworks for development in Golang that integrates all the vital features and libraries. It is the perfect option for developers who want to build the best-performing REST APIs.

golang web development

Static typing provides better performance at runtime because it’s mostly used to build high-performance applications that are highly optimized at compile times. This example will show how to encode and decode JSON data using the encoding/json package in the Go programming language. This example will show how to query MySQL databases using the sql package in the Go programming language. “…when a programming language is designed for exactly the environment most of us use right now—scalable, cloud-based servers that are optimized for performance—a lot can go right.” The cost required for developing a web application depends on plenty of factors, including the platform of development, functions, security, maintenance, knowledge, applied strategy, etc. The fantastic thing is that it doesn’t need the looks for the configuration aspect.

DEV Community

All frameworks described here have a set of functions and features to experiment in your upcoming projects. In some aspects, we found that Beego is analogous to the inclusive Django web framework intended for Python. It steers an exclusive array of functionalities and features which are common to web applications.

So, I’ve just reading some bunch of articles about Go web frameworks, just to make sure I’m keeping up with today’s Go news. Finally, it supports a variety of templating engines, providing the flexibility and convenience developers need when choosing an engine. Echo also supports HTTP/2 for faster performance and an overall better user experience. It also uses a regular MVC architecture to handle specific development aspects in an app, which is also beneficial for enterprise applications. This example will show how to hash passwords using bcrypt in the Go programming language. This example shows how to use the `gorilla/mux` package to create routes with named parameters, GET/POST handlers and domain restrictions.

Why are companies using Golang?

Alibaba Group container engine PouchContainer written in Golang. It provides applications with a lightweight runtime environment with strong isolation and minimal overhead. The only downtime was caused by beginner programming errors and a file descriptor leak bug in a third party library. To do so, they are innovating the architecture e.g. standardizing on gRPC and using Envoy’s gRPC-HTTP transcoding.

golang web development

I currently work as a remote software developer for a tech agency. This example will show how to create a more advanced version of middleware in the Go programming language. This example shows how to use the `net/http` package to create a HTTP server with handlers and static files. Dawid is a full stack developer experienced in creating Ruby on Rails and React Native apps from naught to implementation. Technological superhero, delivering amazing solutions for our clients and helping them grow. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ is a perfect solution for cloud computing, social media platforms, and on-demand services.

Creating the News API client

SoftConstruct Ukraine is a large product company with Armenian roots. We develop solutions in the fields of Big Data, Data Science and CryptoExchange. Middle Go Developer We invite a Middle Go Developer to become a part of one of the R&D teams and work with the global leader in software security solutions. Customer Our customer is a global leader in software security solutions for modern enterprise software … Next you should start implementing algorithms in whatever codebase you think it’d fit perfectly.

golang web development

Further, it is organized into eight diverse modules which can be avoided or used as needed. You must have come across new developers writing powerful code for server side, working with frameworks, but do not know how algorithmic problem what is Golang solving with that language they use. This is why Golang is highly efficient, fast, and delivers high performance products. Fiber is another Express.js-like web framework written in Go that boasts low memory usage and rich routing.

Q.2 Do you Need to Use the Web Framework for Golang?

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